About TD Trading

TD Trading puts priority to 3 factors of the business: Quality through every part of the distribution link, innovation and service. TD Trading is selling and marketing first quality chicken- and duckproducts in frozen and chilled form based on a import and re-export from Thailand, Brazil, France etc. Besides we also trade with shrimps, primarily warmwater shrimps (Black Tiger) from Vietnam among others.

Our chickenproducts are imported from topmodern slaughteries following the requirements of Thai -, EU-, Japanese - as well as American authorities. Extensive control from all of these countries are carried through constantly. Moreover, TD Trading has laid down its own control programme on top of the EU-directives with a number of requirements for information on production (ISO 9002) and control (HACCP) setting further improved standards. E.g control of salmonella and campylobacter for every 1000 kgs. Our suppliers are carefully selected.

It means that TD Trading is buying the same products from the same suppliers so the customers always can count on the quality. Our chickenproducts differs in meat structure and taste due to slow growth and a feeding solely based on vegetarian feedstuff. The product portefolio is primarely products of breasts offered as raw or further processed products for retail as well as catering. All products are calibrated. Further processed products like fried, marinated and very special cuts now has a high priority in our assortment. Warmwater shrimps from Vietnam and others directly from the producers. Our own specifications for controlling the rawmaterial, packing and shipments assures the best quality and origin. We emphasize an exact information about specie (Black Tiger).

New packagings and ideas are supplied continuously. Kaona Poultry Group Co. Ltd is our most important partner in Thailand for chicken. The slaughtery is located in the north eastern part of Thailand, operating with the most modern principles and technologies combined with an attitude and a spirit that is a part of the living in that region. Bangkok Ranch is one of the leading producers of duckbreast products in Thailand.

From this excellent factory TD Trading obtains its supplies such as raw breasts, roasted products like ½ roasted ducks, roasted duckbreast strips as well as interesting retail products like roasted strips with pancakes.


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