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TD Trading puts priority to 3 factors of the business: Quality through every part of the distribution link, innovation and service.

TD Trading is selling and marketing first quality chicken- and duckproducts in frozen and chilled form based on a import and re-export from Thailand, Brazil, France etc. Besides we also trade with shrimps, primarily warmwater shrimps (Black Tiger) from Vietnam among others.

Our suppliers are carefully selected. It means that TD Trading is buying the same products from the same suppliers so the customers always can count on the quality.


Chicken products

Chickenproducts Our chickenproducts are tailor-made for catering and first class restaurants. Retail-packed products are also offered. Supplies from our storage in Copenhagen and Jutland. During several years we have imported chickenbreastfillets from Thailand. Today Thailand has a huge and modern production of chicken with export to most of the world. A major share of the leg products are exported to Japan and products based on the wings are mainly exported to Hong Kong and China. This creates the potential for export to Europe of products based on chickenbreast products.

The products are produced on highly modern slaughterhouses, often using Danish equipment and of course controlled by the Thai Veterinarian authorities. Besides, there is an exensive control carried out by EU-inspectors, Japanese and American veterinarian officers. The products imported by TD Trading to EU are tested for salmonella following ISO 6579/1993. This test is a special amendment for Sweden and Finland when joining EU and the most rigorous test known in Scandinavia.

Moreover, there is also a detailed control by arrival in Denmark. For further safety TD Trading has required the test to be carried out for every 1000 kgs, although this is not a requirement by the authorities. The chicken are solely feeded with vegetarian feeding stuff and lives up to 45 days – the result is a better texture and taste, appreciated and well known among professional people in the food business. These standards are only avaible with TD Trading chicken products.

Calibration and trimming of the products is a very precise and careful process, based on a detailed control and care for the products. Packaging is also high class since we are offering not only vacuum-packed but also IQF-products. Further processing and productdevelopment is a very important part of our strategy and we are now introducing an interesting ranch of new products. Fried chicken breast, chicken barbecuesticks, chicken strips, cooked innerfilet etc. TD Trading is capable of supplying further information and marketing material up to the requirements of the market.


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TD Trading in close cooperation with Kaona Poultry Group Ltd, Thailand 


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