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TD Trading puts priority to 3 factors of the business: Quality through every part of the distribution link, innovation and service.

TD Trading is selling and marketing first quality chicken- and duckproducts in frozen and chilled form based on a import and re-export from Thailand, Brazil, France etc. Besides we also trade with shrimps, primarily warmwater shrimps (Black Tiger) from Vietnam among others.

Our suppliers are carefully selected. It means that TD Trading is buying the same products from the same suppliers so the customers always can count on the quality.


Coffee products

Doi Kham Coffee The quality coffee from Thailand carries the name Doi Kham Coffee. The coffee comes from the mountainous areas North of Chiang Mai.

The coffee type is Arabica, that is grown in the best height and in special soils under supervision of the Royal Projects. In this area of the North, the Royal Project educates and encourage the poor hilltribes to grow coffee among others, instead of being exploited to grow poppies for the production of opium.

The former very poor and suppressed hilltribes have now achived a much better standard of living including schools and smaller health stations etc. The hilltribes now make money but they also have a life without a permanent threat of seekness and exploitation.

An innumerous number of this type of projects in Thailand, among others the Doi Kham Royal Project, has been initiated by his Royal Highness King Bhumipol.



Doi Kham Royal Projects

Grown in the very best conditions at 800 to 1200 meters height.

Initiated and supported by the socalled Royal Projects, with participants being helped to start, and distribution and marketing is supplied, whereas the actual work is done by the individual farmed. This idea innovated and developed by the the King of Thailand his Royal Highnes King Bhumipol.

The environment is also increased during the growing of coffee, since coffeeplants prefer to gow in the shadow of tall trees. This keeps the water in the soil and avoids erotion. This was formerly a huge environmental problem when burning the woods for open fields for growing poppies.

See more at:www.doikham.thailand.com





















Along with the huge interest in different types of coffee this creates good opportunities to market a high quality coffee, that at the same time has a huge charity aspect included with the Royal Project.

Tasty and well flavoured Arabica-coffee that is grown under ideal conditions regarding height, soil and climate.




Besides the introduction of new exciting products of high qualityTD Trading also wants to contribute to the positive development, that has been created for many of the hilltribe people that live  in the mountains of the Northern Thailand.  For decades they have faced a poor existence, exploited by backstage persons controlling the growing of poppies and the produce of opium originating from  the produce of the poppies. The coffee-project and  several other similar activities like flowergrowing, honeyproduce etc. have given these people a life, that they can  have their daily food, improved  healthconditions and  a possible education.Things that for many people are just to be expected but until recently not the actual situation for most of the hilltribe people.



















For retail

The coffee is mainly packed in modern designed 200 grs bags.

Ready for sale at the shelves. With the huge knowlegde about and interest in Thailand including the famous Thai food it should be a simple matter to sell this coffee.





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