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TD Trading puts priority to 3 factors of the business: Quality through every part of the distribution link, innovation and service.

TD Trading is selling and marketing first quality chicken- and duckproducts in frozen and chilled form based on a import and re-export from Thailand, Brazil, France etc. Besides we also trade with shrimps, primarily warmwater shrimps (Black Tiger) from Vietnam among others.

Our suppliers are carefully selected. It means that TD Trading is buying the same products from the same suppliers so the customers always can count on the quality.


Duck products

Duckproducts like the chickenproducts from TD Trading are aimed towards the foodservice-sector and restaurants. Besides, we now supply an assortment specially for supermarkets. We are delivering from storages in Copenhagen and Jutland.

During several years we have imported duckbreast from Thailand. In Thailand they have two slaughteries with export approval for EU. We have chosen to co-operate with Bangkok Ranch. The production is based on Peking-ducks, which is the same specie we know so well in Denmark.

The duckbreasts are produced in a very modern slaughtery, of course controlled by the Thai authorities as well as the continous control from EU vet-inspectors as well as the extensive control of Japanese vets

. The integrated production assures a slow growth, a feed stuff and a slaughtering proces that creates astonishing tender products. The slow growth assures a better meat texture and flavour. It is almost impossible to fail with the cooking of our products.

Calibrating and trimming is done with special care. As an example every duck breast is checked by hand for leftovers of feathers, and if anything is found at this stage it is taken care of the staff with careful attention before packing.

The products from Bangkok Ranch are individuel vacuum packed to ensure the best possible shelflife. During recent stages we have had new products in the product portefolio like ½ roasted ducks, roasted duck strips and not least the roasted strips with pancakes as a retailproduct packed together in a box.


The innovation continues and in the near future we can present even more new products.


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