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What does Tea2you offer?


1.Tea2you concept

Tea2you delivers quality teabags or as loose tea, which is primarily produced and packaged in Sri Lanka.
We also provide tea packed according to our own recipes in Denmark, and up to 900 different kinds of loose tea packed in 2 kgs packs, or up to your requirements.
Many years of experience accumulated at the plant guarantees high qualtity and flexibility.

Supply of raw materials is arranged in direct cooperation with the plantations. The tea is not a blended tea but single-estate. Please see links to Greenfield below.
A number of products specifically designed for food service are offered. Among other things, handmade display boxes adapted and developed for canteens, restaurants and cafes. The goods meet the requirements of good ingredients and good taste, but also ethical considerations play a major role for Tea2you.
The products are made of the best ingredients. This is of course first and foremost the tea. But also the fruits and oils are added.
This also applies to packing for a range of products made from discarded tea leaves and recycled paper.

Tea2you offers teabags without metal clips and teabags made of cotton, hand-filled and hand-made in Sri Lanka.
Hand filling is necessary because of the large calibrations of tea leaves. Please see the schedule of grades below.

Accessories like sticks, tea filters, boxes and teapots are also part of the solution we offer our customers.


2. Bradley


Tea2you has signed an agreement with Bradley Tea. We offer some very exciting flavors and packages of tea. Among other things, the so-called pyramid bags which makes it possible to get the best in the tea when it is prepared.
In addition the design and packagings appeals to many customers. For a certain range this tea is also available as organic and Fairtrade.

3. Mozambique

Tea2you is engaged in development of a tea plantation and teafactory in Mozambique.
At present the factory supplies reasonable quality tea, but the object is to upgrade production and packing, so the tea can be offered to customers in Europe.


The expectation is that this adds value for the benefit of the factory, but also to a great extent will benefit the employees and their families. School facilities must be improved. Establishing of health stations for both employees and their families. Working conditions are also involved, so employees get better conditions.
Development work is in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Embassy in Mozambique.