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TD Trading puts priority to 3 factors of the business: Quality through every part of the distribution link, innovation and service.

TD Trading is selling and marketing first quality chicken- and duckproducts in frozen and chilled form based on a import and re-export from Thailand, Brazil, France etc. Besides we also trade with shrimps, primarily warmwater shrimps (Black Tiger) from Vietnam among others.

Our suppliers are carefully selected. It means that TD Trading is buying the same products from the same suppliers so the customers always can count on the quality.


Frozen shellfish

TD Trading is expanding the co-operation with Vietnamese suppliers of seafood and shellfish products. The conditions and the basis for Vietnam being one of the leading suppliers in the world of shellfish and other seafood products are avaible. Vietnam has enormous deltas in the South besides Vietnam has a very long coast line with access to rich fishing waters in the Chinese sea. Furthermore, the existence of a low cost labour force, and a very strong wish to launch the control and development. This is supported by Danish authorities, giving advantage to Vietnam of the experience Denmark can offer at all levels.

TD Trading therefore pays attention to Vietnam and offering the products available. In the product portfolio you can find block- as well as IQF products. The products are available in TD Trading brand, and is offered raw as well as cooked. The supplier has his own farms and a platform of two factories. Warmwater shrimps can be used in many ways, but if they are not cooked precisely the correct way the texture is tough, as can only be used for soups etc. Our shrimps are cooked the right way and you can use them for garniture or as a supplement for AntiPasti.

We emphasize a quality that ensures the specie (there are seven species of warmwater shrimps and Black Tiger is only one – and the most expensive) That the percentage of glacing is correct and the count is important for us.


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