Our suppliers

Kaona Poultry Group Co. Ltd

Our suppliers are chosen with care. This is based on the suppliers technology, standards etc. but also the attitude that is shown by the company has a high priority for TD Trading.

We have since long concluded that Kaona Poultry Group Co. Ltd. is at the same frequence with TD Trading when it comes to quality and care about customers.

This attitude is common among every individual employee. They are after all the platform for the given directives and objects of the company.

Kaona Poultry Group Co Ltd was founded in 1991 by Mrs Sunee Triyangkulsri. By the way the business woman of the year 2002 in Thailand. She has been the inspiration for both employees as well as customers with her attitude and enthusiasm. The company has since then developed into a very well runned company.

Integrated production has been an obvious thing from the start, which means that there is a control of all links in the production from the parent stock, to chickenfarm and the feedmill and finally to the factory with cutting trimming and packing.


Among the many farmers working with Kaona Poultry Group Co. Ltd. is Mr Thoongsoon Siwinai and his wife Mrs Benjamart. The family who has one daughter, puts many efforts to assure the best possible conditions for the chicken during their growing.

The job with Kaona Poultry Group Co. Ltd. has given the family a safe and better income than before, which of course also makes Mr Thoongsoon happy for the co-operation, and make him always strive to improve his efforts.

The feedmill

Mr Chaidaen Kunpluk is working with the feedmill. He is 28 years old, but has already several years of experience, and is now the manager of the production at the feedmill.. He also lives in Ubonratchadani not far from the mill.

He enjoys working together with his colleagues at the feedmill, and he often has contacts with other parts of the whole production, and he is happy to hear about his and his friends efforts at the mill producing a sound and healthy feedstuff, that can create good results. He puts a high priority to make the feedstuff correctly following the instructions from customers and government authorities. .

Cutting department

The head of the chickenbreastfilet section with cutting and trimming is Mrs Nhoojiam Sombatlai. She is a key-person for the efforts in achieving a genuine product. Actually it is her who is responsible to the fact that the fillets are so nicely cut and trimmed. Trimmed for every kind of spot or other things that can make the product less attractive.

Mrs Nhoojiam is proud of her work and with a lot enthusiasm and care she is always aiming for a good product.. She has a understanding of the customers and end-users and then of course a understanding of the requirements of TD Trading. Our belief in her assures, that we without hesitation dare to stand up saying that beyond competition TD Trading has the best product in the market among the imported chickenfillets.

Please also check in on Kaona Poultry Group Co. Ltd. : www.kaonagroup.com

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